Enter the Word Mines


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Book Bloggers’ Novel of the Year Award 2020 WINNER

“Captivating and action-packed, an urban-fantasy that’s hard to put down!” – Steve McHugh, bestselling author of The Hellequin Chronicles. 

Genre-bending and intensely fresh… It’s high action, bloody, and more than a little bit fun.” –  Fantasy Book Review.

“A high-octane thriller with pure badass moments. A compelling and memorable story.” – Fantasy Book Critic.

From the Author:

The Lore of Prometheus is very different to the books I’ve written previously, branching out into first person and defying genre boundaries, crossing through Sci-Fi, Urban Fantasy, Horror and Military Thriller.

Prometheus features an ex-special forces soldier by the name of John Carver, a snarky Australian nurse, and a host of ghosts that may or may not be Carver’s own hallucinations. Find out more here.

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